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Introducing SurfSyndicate's TTG4 =The 4th Dimension in surfboard design
(The Fusion of Science and Nature).


The overall concept of the new TTG4 by Surfsyndicate is simple. Have molded customizable boards for all variations of waves which can be personally customized by the individual for his or her needs in the surf. Over the past Century a custom board meant someone shaped a board to the individuals riding style. What if you were able to change a board to enhance and suite your own personal style and performance in the waves. Without having to change boards, would it be useful, better yet, could this be possible Thanks to the new molded TTG4 by Surfsyndicate it is. With our extensive research in custom flex designed for Storing the energy within it's interchangeable compression springs as the tail is carved into it's power twist. Thus eliminating drag and tail stall in your turns. Maximizing the energy output when the spring loaded tail automatically returns the tail back to it's straight built in rocker line for speed. Coming out of each turn with added power and speed in both your bottom turns and cutbacks.


The TTG4 design takes advantage of natures basic laws of physics and water flow dynamics. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. The following explains how this technology bonds the science and dynamics of Kinetic energy of the surfer with nature. The bottom tail-rocker panel is opposing the top deck by a (fabricated interchangeable) spring assembly incorporated into the rear deck (saddle). The adjustable regulators will prevent increased tail rocker, stopping the tails plainning surface beyond the surfers customized set points. Determining the tails longitudel rocker and rail to rail control (spiral twist). Maximizing the tails rocker control, Thus accommodating the style of any surfer in any wave condition. These adjustments can be easily adjusted and changed while in the water.

These adjustments successfully assume a curve that will vary in relation to the distribution of the surfers weight, maneuvers, and condition of the surf. The springs and regulator units provide a constant downward pressure on the rocker panel providing a controlled resistance, returning the tail shape back to it's optimal speed position.

What does this achieve ?
With the TTG4 tail in a front-side bottom turn the right side of the tails rocker panel flexes and twists upward reducing resistance to the arc of your bottom turn. In addition this thrust is redirected forward. The problem with conventional mono-tune boards is that any kick or v shape in the tail can only get the board on it's rail and into the turns. Thus not being able to replace itself to a straight speed, trim position after the turns.

The new TTG4 by Surfsyndicate allows for both of these design functions and solves this age old problem. As the TTG4 twists upward thereby eliminating drag, there is no lose of speed in the bottom turns or cutbacks. Allowing for maximum speed and thrust in each turn. This gives the rider a huge advantage in maneuvering from your bottom turn to your cutbacks without compromising speed in-between turns. The surfer can also pump the TTG4 tail like the back trucks on a skateboard in generating forward momentum.


The new TTG4 by Surfsyndicate will allow the shaper to design and maintain a relatively straight tail rocker for built in down the line and tube speed. While the surfers will adapt the tails controllable flexibility to various surf conditions and riding styles, thus suiting his or her personal preferences for each wave session.

What does this mean for the surfing industry. Simple, it moves the customization of the boards from the shapers shop or factory and puts that custom fine tuning and control in the hands of each individual surfer. This is what makes the TTG4 molded boards by Surfsyndicate the worlds only custom cost effective , high performance versatile traveling board ever. Whether you are going from your local beach break, reef, or point breaks just down the road..

Bob Tinkler: Shaper, Designer, Inventor
With USA pat. 5425321 Sail, and Surfboards PPA.
International, Pat. Pending.

For inquiries EUROPE call +33 6 73 59 43 01, Louis Robert : shaper, designer -
La Rochelle France - e-mail: shaper@addictionsurfboards.com

For inquiries call 250-896-9283- Surfsyndicate-
Victoria, B.C. Canada - e-mail: info@surfsyndicate.com

USA pat. with PPA international Patents Pending- For enquiries call 1-250-896-9283 -Surf Syndicate Victoria, BC Canada - email: info@surfsyndicate.com
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